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Title description, November 12, 2023

I want to share my learning experience with other Grandparents who are interested in learning how to code and create their own website. After a few years at home I began to feel a bit bored and wanted to learn how to build my own website from scratch.
I started by learning the Hypertext Markup Language which is better known as HTML because almost every webpage uses it in some form or the other. In this blog I will teach you the very basics of HTML so that you have enough knowledge to start building your website.


HTML Markup Language

Posted on: Nov 17 23
HTML is the first language that a web coder should learn. It is very easy to learn and most web sites use it to display content and text on a web page.



Posted on: Nov 17 23
The HTML language is made up of tags inside angle brackets, like this <p></p>.


Learning HTML

Posted on: Nov 17 23
I recommend that you visit because they have made learning HTML coding so very easy, you can even practice typing your code right from their website. They have lots of nice examples.Do you agree with me?


HTML Certificate

Posted on: Nov 17 23
You can also get certified in HTML by writing an online examination directly from the website.Once you are ready for the exam all you need to do is to find a credible invigilator who will sit with you during the exam to verify the process.


Alan Martin

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of a server-side web technology. I am preparing a short e-course about how you can build and code your own blog just like this one. I want to share my world with you. Here is the link to my e-Course and if you like it you can buy me coffee.



HTML is a language that is used to build most websites. All you need to start learning HTML is to understand the most common HTML tags that are used on a web page and then start typing the HTML code in your favourite code editor and build your own web pages.

You should visit the! website.

And then start by learning what these tags are used for.

Head tags
Title tags
Body tags
Header tags
Div tags
Paragraph tags
Line breaks
Line spaces
Section tags
List tags
Span tags
Page Link tags
Image tags
Video tags
Table tags


HTML coding is what makes a webpage look like a webpage, rather than just normal text. With HTML you can do all of the following things to help you to display content on a webpage in the right place.

  • Create title, headings and/or subheadings.
  • Make bullet points or numbered lists.
  • Divide a page into divisions and/or sections.
  • Make paragraphs on a webpage.
  • Make rows and columns on a webpage.
  • Add images and links to other pages.
  • And much much more.....